How is AI Technology Used in Call Centers?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become very popular in recent years with use cases in virtually every industry. ChatGPT and Jasper have the ability to construct recipes, and artificial intelligence has given us everything from truly predictive texts to better-automated safety on production lines. But how is artificial intelligence (AI) technology being used in the context of modern call centers?

How is AI Technology Used in Call Centers?

Here’s what you should know about how AI technology is being used in call centers.

Reassuring the Customer First

The first thing an artificially intelligent system can do for a company is to reassure the customer first. Holding times have been shown to make customers restless, and may even make them annoyed by the point a human call center agent picks up the phone.

The ability to communicate with an AI assistant for initial questions and simple queries can reassure customers, even in the event of waiting or call transfers.

Reduce the Potential Costs of a Single Call

Time is money, and this is very true in the call center and customer support industry. The longer one customer’s query might take, the less space there is on the system to take another customer’s call at the same time. The slower you are to fix issues, the slower the call center itself will function.

Artificial intelligence assistants can reduce the amount of cost associated with a single customer support call. When queries are answered faster and directed to the right people without the need to slow down the whole process, the entire center functions more effectively.

Answering Simple Queries that Don’t Need Human Intervention

The most simple queries to a call center often don’t need human intervention at all. Simple customer support problems can be solved with an AI assistant and might reach a resolution in a few messages. Simple questions can be interpreted by the AI to find the quickest solution from its data bank.

The human element remains. If the customer can’t find their answer here, the call directs to the agent best suited to the customer’s issue.

Find Solutions Quicker for Human Call Center Agents

Human call center agents could sometimes use some help with more complex questions. An AI assistant can easily help human agents to find intelligent and fast solutions to the problem. Finding solutions quicker isn’t up to training people to page through handbooks and manuals faster. Finding quick, accurate solutions is all about incorporating AI technology into your work processes.

Analyze Essential Data About the Customer and Their Call

Call center conversations aren’t just about the customer’s issue being solved by the customer support team. These conversations should also be about all of the data that’s being transferred back and forth. Data is useful for any company, but the truth is that most companies don’t know what to do with it.

Artificial intelligence isn’t just a good assistant, but can also be used to collect safe and anonymized data about your calls, customers, and the most common issues people are calling about.

AI can help you find long-term solutions and give you a more accurate depiction of your full customer base.

Route Calls Faster and More Effectively than Manual Systems

Calls can be routed much faster with the intervention of a human assistant than with manual help. If an AI takes care of the basic customer query and then knows where to send the call, you have access to an automatically faster (and better!) customer support process.

Want someone to get to the right department or person faster?

Well, that’s something artificial intelligence can be really good at. Sometimes AI technology can even solve some of the problems without the need to transfer the call.

Assist in Finding Emergency Solutions when Necessary

Sometimes call centers have emergencies that have nothing to do with customer support. For example, someone could call and have a heart attack. Would a customer support agent know what to do fast enough?

Artificial intelligence can be in touch with the nearest emergency services in an instant, often faster than a human caller would be able to dial or think.

Incorporating AI into your call center could be the solution that you’ve always been looking for, and it doesn’t have to reduce the human element at all.

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