MAI Chicago Cross-Docking Services

At MAI, our cross-dock services in Chicago, IL remove the storage link of the supply chain, saving your business time and money. Products can be unloaded by container or truck. At times some customers require pallets to be broken down to fit into pallet racking or made small enough to fit through a dock door. Some customers require consolidation, where the goods come mixed on a truck. In this instance, our team at cross-docking facilities located in the Chicago area divides and consolidates the goods.

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Whether you are dealing with perishable or time-sensitive inventory or you are looking to reduce labor and transportation costs, we have the solution for you. You can count on our cross-dock services for all your freight transfer needs, including loading and unloading inventory by container or truckload services.

Don’t have an entire truckload to transport? No worries. Our LTL services can accommodate any size shipment for a quick, cost-efficient transportation solution.

MAI Facility

MAI is one of the leading cross dock facilities in the Chicago area.

When you need a reload, shifting, or just a Chicago cross-docking warehouse, MAI is a call away.

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Reduced Damages

Reducing the number of steps in the process decreases the likelihood of damage. By eliminating the need to transfer products into and out of storage, the amount of handling involved is minimized. This means that items can simply roll from the incoming truck to the outgoing truck with minimal or no handling, resulting in fewer damages and losses.

Additional Cost Savings

Storing goods in a warehouse can cost a lot of money. While it may be necessary to maintain increased inventory to meet projected demand, shipping products immediately after they are ordered offers cost savings by eliminating storage costs and reducing transportation time. With reduced shipping time, items keep moving instead of halting, resulting in faster delivery to customers.

Time Savings

The shipping process is time-consuming, but involving a Chicago 3PL company for packaging, repackaging, pickup, delivery, and customer follow-up frees up time for you and your company to focus on core business activities. Integrating cross-docking into your supply chain is one more step, giving you even more time savings.

At MAI Fulfillment, our Chicago cross-docking solutions prove beneficial when consolidating shipments from multiple vendors to a single customer.

Increase Your Companies Efficiency – 3PL Logistics Services

At MAI Fulfillment, we offer companies a wide range of 3PL logistics services in the Chicago area including cross-docking for shipping and skipping the warehouse. We work with you to coordinate a wide range of transportation solutions to ship your products directly to your customers.

Our Services:

MAI LogistiX Cross Docking

We Specialize In:

  • Short term storage
  • Reworking damaged and shifted loads
  • Unload dry vans, refrigerated and flatbeds, FCL and LCL
  • Will handle local and nationwide deliveries
  • Will cross dock, floor loaded, or loads that are palletized
  • Sort and break down oversized pallets

Chicago Cross Docking Services – Clients We Serve

  • Freight forwarders
  • Major retailers
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Local and nationwide transportation carriers
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