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MAI’s contact center and warehouse/fulfillment services in Chicago are driven by cutting-edge technology that is powered by the most reliable and sophisticated hardware in the industry.

Our proprietary web-based CRM application is called MARS and MARSWeb (Marketing Alternatives Response System). Developed and maintained by our own in-house team of IT professionals, MARS and MARSWeb address the fundamental fact that every client has a unique set of needs.

We don’t try to bend or manipulate those needs to fit into our application’s capabilities – we customize our system to deliver precisely what your needs dictate with no compromises.

MARS & MARSWeb Technology


MARS Overview

MAI’s contact center and warehouse/fulfillment services in Chicago are driven by cutting-edge technology that is powered by the most reliable and sophisticated hardware in the industry. Our proprietary web-based CRM application is called MARS and MARSWeb (Marketing Alternatives Response System). Developed and maintained by our own in-house team of IT professionals, MARS and MARSWeb address the fundamental fact that every client has a unique set of needs. We don’t try to bend or manipulate those needs to fit into our application’s capabilities – we customize our system to deliver precisely what your needs dictate with no compromises.


Simply explained, MARS is a CRM application that is designed to integrate with any existing corporate enterprise system, including ERP systems, Marketplace sites, and Legacy systems. It offers myriad of application features and virtually limitless customization possibilities:

  • Address verification
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Automated e-mail notifications (re-order alerts, order receipt/shipment notification)
  • Campaign analysis
  • Contact manager
  • Customer history/profile
  • Custom Web Services
  • Dynamic scripting
  • EDI Integration – SPS Commerce, AS2, Commerce Hub etc..
  • Event tracking (i.e., Inbound 800 calls, White Mail, Web-Chat, E-Mail, etc.)
  • Integrated back office
  • Invoice processing
  • Kitting module application
  • KPI management and tracking
  • Loyalty programs
  • Online credit card processing
  • Product diagnostics/trouble shooting
  • Quality assurance/certification programs
  • Shipping Rate Shopper
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Returns processing
  • Sales lead management
  • Service/dispatch/call closure
  • Shipping Systems Integration – UPS, UPS Freight, ConectShip, FedEx, Endicia, ShipStation and more
  • Upsell/cross-sell
  • Wiki sites for product FAQs/trouble shooting
  • Web Services – Magento, AWS, Shopify, NetSuite, Zen Cart, MOM, WooCommerce, ShipStation and Legacy Systems

In addition to MARS, MARSWeb provides a secure extranet site to address service functionalities such as:

  • Ad hoc reporting per program needs
  • Document manager
  • E-commercing
  • Extranet builder
  • Market research
  • Marketing service portal
  • Mobile Technology
  • Report management
  • Training

MARSWeb Technology

MARS Capabilities


Deep insight into customers will help you improve their shopping experience and your profitability. With MARS CRM you can segment customers by demographic criteria, distinguish between first time and repeat visitors, and by shopping cart and buying history.


Customers are more likely to purchase if you personalize their shopping experiences. MARS CRM helps you match special content, promotions and pricing to any customer segment, and can help increase order values by suggesting products based on shopping and buying history.


Recommend products to your entire customer base or to specific segments using MARS CRM’s advanced rule-based product-relations functionality. Use it to generate more upsells and cross-sells, as well as to present more buying options at checkout and for call center agents.


Display layered-navigation filters to help customers quickly narrow their product options and pinpoint exactly what they’re looking for. The ability to filter by price, color and category have proven to help improve conversion rates and increase revenues.


MARS CRM provides a seamless experience for customers as they move among computers, smart phones and tablets. Customers can log in once and shop from home, work or on the go. The improved convenience results in fewer abandoned shopping carts and more completed transactions.


MARS CRM is integrated with multiple payment gateways right out of the box, including PayPal. A simplified, one page payment process makes purchasing quick and easy. Close integration with shipping options means there are fewer abandoned carts.


MARS and MARSWeb applications have been incorporated into virtually every MAI business process. Our Integrated Fulfillment Center uses automated emails for order processing confirmation, order shipping/tracking confirmation and inventory reorders/receipt alerts. All of our packing slips are bar-coded so that shipping information is read into UPS or FED EX computers automatically. UPS/FED Ex labels are generated from shipping computers, eliminating hand written air bills or shipping labels. All of our inventory items are listed in real time in our MARS system.


MARS back-office simplifies the returns process for you and for your customers. You can control return management, specify allowed products, partial orders, shipping options and customer notifications.


The MARS Reward Points system makes it easy to offer programs to increase customer loyalty. You can set and manage incentives for registration on your site, product reviews, opt in’s for your newsletter and referring friends, and also control points redemption.


With MARS CRM, you can easily create and manage multiple stores. Working from just one administrative dashboard, you can manage and customize each of your sites to best support your brand and unique customer segment.


MARS is already powerful and flexible. Adding extensions helps you do even more to please customers, increase conversions and improve profitability. There are extensions for CRM, ERP, accounting, payment processing, shipping, call centers and much more. MAI has built a global network of partners and certified developers you can rely on for help. Trust our partners to help you satisfy unique business requirements and for custom development, integration and extensions.


MARS CRM is designed to support tens of thousands of transactions per hour, so your customers have a seamless customer service and shopping experience. It features advanced full-page caching and persistent bandwidth to for fast loading times.


MARS CRM is a PA-DSS compliant platform that supports strong data encryption for secure transactions. Strong, secure transactions protect your business and offer your customers the peace of mind to shop with confidence.

MARS Services

Programmers are modern-day carpenters. Our IT team built a firm foundation that can be sawn, sanded and polished into the perfect solution for your business. Whether it’s arranging automated inventory alerts or providing customized reporting, we have the IT staff and infrastructure to support you.

1. Qualified

MAI’s in-house team consists of experienced system analysts, developers and interactive media experts. Our expertise covers all major platform technologies, ERP and legacy systems integration, web services, mobile technologies, communication protocols, embedded systems, legacy programming languages and Enterprise application integration. In short, whatever you need…MAI can build it.

2. Quick

As technology changes, MAI is quick to adapt. Our best-in-class technology solutions make sure your program is implemented quickly, upgraded regularly, and always competitive with the changing tech landscape.

3. Quality

Our QA team asks a lot of questions from day one. By involving quality assurance experts in the design and concepting of your tech solution, we save you time and money from extensive testing later and make sure we set off on the right track without changing directions.

List of Services

  • Website development and hosting
  • Custom application development
  • E-business solutions
  • E-learning
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Real-time report development
  • Data warehouse
  • Service dispatch applications
  • Appointments management
  • Certification application programs

MARS Service Dispatch

MARS Service/Dispatch is an integrated solution that combines dispatching capabilities and maintenance scheduling with tasking, service contract administration and work order billing. It accommodates everything required to run your service department activities smoothly and efficiently.

With an interface that is user friendly and easy to navigate, dispatchers and service managers will have no problem adopting the system.

MARS’s solutions provide all the cornerstones of service lifecycle management, state-of-the-art routing and scheduling, including customer management, service management, asset management, reverse logistics management, automated scheduling/confirmation calls and mobile workforce/call closure management.

The MARS Service/Dispatch application is capable of serving a variety of industries, including:

  • Beverage equipment
  • Elevator contractors
  • Fire safety systems
  • Flooring
  • HVAC, plumbing and electrical
  • Landscaping
  • Pool service
  • Security & CCTV solutions
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Wholesale distribution


Eliminate hours of duplicate entry with MARS Service/Dispatch. With accounting, service, construction and sales order data all in one system, you’ll be able to maintain data integrity across the organization. The MARS Service/Dispatch application was designed to integrate existing corporate enterprise systems such as ERP and Legacy systems.

Easy-to-Use Interfaces:

The MARS Service/Dispatch application features intuitive interfaces built on the latest Microsoft technology platforms. Rather than trying to decipher software, you can concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Tighter Controls:

Full audit trails, event logs and user-based restrictions are built-in features of MARS Service/Dispatch. Your controller can rest assured that all data is secure, yet still accessible by authorized personnel.

Field Service Automation:

MARS Mobile Field Service allows you to streamline and automate your service department by dispatching and processing all work orders electronically.

Real Business Intelligence:

Since information is stored in a relational SQL database, MARS Service/Dispatch provides unparalleled access to your data. When combined with our Pick-and-Choose Reporting Engine, your team can quickly turn mountains of information into actionable business decisions that deliver measurable results.

MARS Appointment Scheduler

Our MARS Appointment application is a powerful, fully integrated point-of-service solution. With multi-channel capabilities, no matter where the demand comes from, MARS will capture it. Whether through online scheduling, dealership call center, walk-in or even in-dash vehicle systems, a MARS-enabled dealership will obtain all necessary details for better capacity management.

MARS Appointment application embodies years of experience in scheduling, and thousands of hours of design and development, focusing on usability and ease of access to information. Supplementing the consumer experience, the new dealership interface enables everyone in the dealership to answer the phone, book the order and maximize shop utilization.

MARS Appointment application utilizes the Cloud platform to provide document management system integration, factory menus, dealer recommendations, manufacturer recalls, declined services, tire pricing, promotions, shop availability, repair history and road side assistance status. By providing consistent information via all appointment channels, MARS Appointment application delivers the industry’s best and only proven retention solution.

Some of the MARS Appointment Application features are:

  • Customer communications
  • Customer service
  • Dealership and call center scheduling
  • Integration with any Legacy system
  • KPIs
  • Online and Mobile scheduling
  • Service technician schedules
  • Service technician skill sets
  • Store POS system integration
  • Store productivity dashboard
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